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The Mind

100 Billion Neurons form one Brain.

100 Billion Stars form one Galaxy.

100 Billion Galaxies form one Universe.

12 People form one Mind.


The Mind is Jessie Cox’ latest musical project. It features some of the most talented and inspiring musicians and people that Jessie came across at the Berklee College of Music.

The project’s main concept is that of multiple individuals working together as one. This is also reflected in the crossover of many different musical styles. Many have tried to categorize the style of music that the mind plays and one has heard everything from Jazz to Hip-Hop to Contemporary Chamber Music. The best way to describe the music is Space-Time-Music because it challenges ones perception of space and time and it destroys borders.

At every concert the audience can discover something new about themselves and have an unforgettable experience.  From memorable melodies to wild improvisations the Mind has something to offer for everyone.







Current Members:
Flute: Margot Mayette

Voice: Marina Tuset

Violin: Nicolas Ordonez

Trumpet: Ron Warburg

Alto Sax: Nathan See

Tenor Sax: Jake Hirsch

Vibraphone: Julian Velasco

Guitar: Albert Moreno Bis

Piano: Maher Beauroy

Bass: Lucy Clifford

Drums/Compositions: Jessie Cox

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