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Solo and Duo Pieces

and Violin
Alto Saxophone

Nachklang (for Double Bass) (ca. 4 min.) (2018)

Story of I-Not (for Solo Cello) (ca.12 min.) (2018)


Ensemble Pieces

String Quartet

The Retroactivity of Meaning (ca. 30 min.) (2018)


Of the Myth (ca. 4 min) (2016)


/æʃ/ (for Bb-Trumpet) (ca. 5 min.) (2018)

The Life of Information (for 2 Violins) (ca. 20 min.) (2017)


Cello and Percussion

/Dʒs/ (ca. 8 min.) (2018)

Selected Works List


Orchestral/Large Scale/Multi-disciplinary

• As A Song Of A World (2018-2020)

Commissioned by Either/Or Ensemble and Jessie Cox

Opera for 9 performers

Premiere: October 24 2020


• The Weaving of Worlds (January 2020)

Commissioned by Columbia Composers

Studio-Premiere: Fonema Consort, November2020


• Stay Awake (August 2019) 30’

For Drumset, Horns, Electronics, and Dancers

Commissioned by Heidi Duckler Dance

Premiere: Martin Luther King Community Hospital, August 2019


• After-were(l)ds (2019) 6’

For Chamber Ensemble with Soprano

Commissioned by La Phil and Gustavo Dudamel

Premier: ICE-Ensemble and Steve Schick at LA Phil’s Noon to Midnight Festival, June 1st 2019


• Less than Nothing (2018) 20’

For Orchestra/large Chamber Ensemble


• Existence lies In-Between (August 2017) 20’

For Chamber Ensemble

Studio-premier: September 2019 in Boston

Premiere: Ensemble Modern November 8 2020 at Festival NOW! Essen


• Examination of Planet 473b (April 2017) 15’

For Chamber-Orchestra and Live Electronics (Max-Patch)


• Supernova (December 2016) 13’

For Orchestra


• Water (July 2016) 13’

For Chamber Ensemble


Chamber Works with Electronics

• Space Travel From Home (2020)

A tv Series

For Drumset, Electronics and Green Screen

Showings: Youtube, International Contemporary Ensemble Fall 2020

• The Masked Hole/Whole (July 2019) 20’

For Violin and “Cyborg”-Drumset

Commissioned by Pauline Kim Harris

Premiere: by Pauline Kim Harris and Jessie Cox at the Stone at the New School, NYC


• Reconsider Dissonance (July 2017) 20’

For Violin and Electronics (Max/MSP)

Premiere: by Matt Scutchfield and Jessie Cox August 2019 Berklee College of Music, Boston


• My History (December 2016) 6’

For Alto Sax. and Live Electronics (Max-Patch)

Premiere: by Nathan See and Jessie Cox January 2017 Berklee College of Music, Boston

• Dreamality (May 2016) 6’

For Flute and Electronics (Tape)

Premiere: by Eva Redamonti


• The Same but Different (April 2016) 10’

For Drumset and Electronics (Tape)

Premiere: Jessie Cox


Chamber Works

• Breathing (September 2020)

For Voice and Tape

Commissioned by Long Beach Opera

Premiere: November 15 2020


• Not-In-Between (September 2020)

For String Quartet

Commissioned by National Sawdust for JACK Quartet

Premiere: December 11 2020


• The Fiddle is for Diggin’ (August 2020)

For Solo Violin

Commissioned by Nicole Cherry


• Alien Stories (July 2020)

For Violin Duo

Commissioned by Carnegie Hill Midday Music Festival for String Noise

Premiere: August 24 2020


• Black as a Hack for Cyborgification (April 2020)

For Open Instrumentation

Commissioned by Pink Noise Ensemble


• Light-Dots on a Deep-Space-Image (March 2020)

For Quartertone Clarinet

Commissioned by Gregory Oakes


• Not-In-Between (August 2019) 7’

For Solo Guitar

Commissioned by Margins Guitar Collective


• Wereds (January 2019) 10’

For Solo Bass and Piccolo Flute

Commissioned by Margaret Lancaster


• Conscious Music (October 2018) 10’

For String Quartet

Commissioned by Columbia Composers

Premiere: JACK-Quartet, February 9th 2019 at DiMenna Center, NYC


• Time-Space (October 2018) 10’

For Bass Clarinet

Commissioned by Vasko Dukovski

Premiere: Vasko Dukovski, January 24th 2019 at Gallery MC, NYC


• Form Content Negotiations (May 2018) 7’

For Bassoon Solo

Premiere: Joey Guidry October 12th 2019 San Diego


• /Dʒs/ (February 2018) 8’

For Cello and Percussion


• Spiritus (January 2018) 6’

For Flute

Premiere: Robin Meiksins, August 28th 2018 with UnTwelve, Chicago


• The Life of Information (December 2017) 20’

For Violin Duo

Commissioned by String Noise

Premiere: String Noise, June 6th 2019 at Interpretations Series at Roulette, NYC


• Nothing Is (May 2017) 15’

For Oboe and Piano

premier: Barbara LaFitte and Jessie Cox, July 2017 at Berklee College of Music, Boston


• A Future Past (in Latin-America) (April 2017) 10’

For Solo Guitar


• Triangles, Squares, Lines are made of Points (February 2017) 4’

For Marimba and Violin

Commissioned by Boston Conservatory

premiered by Ruben Eduardo, Sophia Bellino, with dance performance by Shreya Navile


• Creation is Vibration (Meditation) (February 2017) 13’

For Oboe/Clarinet/Saxophone and Cello

premiered by Barbara LaFitte (Oboe) and Peter Lixiang


• What Dirt Can BE (December 2016) 6’

For E. Guitar and Accordeon

premiered by Promenade Sauvage


• Star Death (February 2017) 10’

For Violin, Cello, Piano

premiered by Kim Busic, Li Yin, Jessie Cox


• …inside… (February 2017) 3’

For Solo Harp

premiered by Austin Macasieb


• Nothing (December 2016)

For Contralto, Alto Sax., Violin, Cello, Drumset


• Earth (June 2016) 6’

For two Bassoons

premiered by Janet Underhill, Reuben Stern at ALEA III 2016



Jazz Ensemble

• Nu Creation (2017)

Premiere: Maher Beauroy’s An Lot Soleil at Martinique Jazz Festival 2017


• What I Am (July 2016)

premiered by Jessie Cox’s Art Note Ensemble


• ReMemberShip (December 2015)

premiered by Jessie Cox’s The Mind


• My Love is Music (July 2015)

premiered by Jessie Cox on Drums, Maher Beauroy on Piano, James Giannoni on E. Bass


• Sweet Wish (January 2015)

premiered by Jessie Cox on Drums, Maher Beauroy on Piano, Philip Chuah on E. Bass

All Scores available. E-mail me at:
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