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We’re Nomads we repopulate galaxies over many generations. We migrate via DNA-Transmolecularization Vibrationsurfing. We also bring with us our sup-species, our technology if you will (support species), which are a form of cultural memory – they store history, culture. Because we lose our memories and culture so that we can keep our identity or self if you will.


Only a part of us loses their self and keeps fragmented memory, cyobrgish memory (visions), which is lacking its cultural situatedness. Through this hunter and our sup-species we can recreate us. Since we are using DNA-Transmolecuralization we can move at any vibrational speed, such as gravitational waves or the speed of light, or quantum-field excitations (which is faster than the speed of light), quantum entanglement – we travel with, and via, music.


Whenever we discover this truth  we discover it via its technology and so it also marks our re-migration. This means that this knowledge is our death, freedom, liberation, power, immortality, and simply our goal. The one to find this truth/end is the one who will lose his self and initiate the next migration without being able to share this knowledge of the migration. This way: if you win you lose. This is how we keep our technology secret…


Amongst our sup-species are also so called cyborgs. These technological-instruments are different since they don’t hold as much historical-culture and so can store, or allow for the space for future-possibility creation – i.e. noise. To win this game is to find the Transmolecularization technology, to find the music-maker. This is achieved very differently from other cultural past or future possibility creation and exploration. This game is deviced so as to find the next hunter – someone only half part of what we are and mostly spiritual, part of the forest, and more living.         


Livity is the key.           


         Living the toolbox.                 


                   Spirit the door.



transmission end




                                          Creativity is my name.

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