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Cov(ere)d is a record created by Jessie Cox during and after the COVID pandemic. The title not only suggests COVID but also covered, a topic frequently found in Jessie's music, via masks, hieroglyphs, secrets and so forth. In this particular work the composer confronts questions of aliens, such as viruses, alienation of Blackness, of foreigners, but also the otherness of ones own self/selves.

     The pieces range from music for solo clarinet, where delicate melodies spur forth from dark sonorities; to poems; a string quartet; violin duo; a duo for cyborg drums and violin; to sax, double bass drum trios—all of which deal with composition as well as improvisation; and one can hear the creolizing entanglement of various musical styles and cultural histories. 

"To deal with Alienation is to go right through the black hole, or singularity of it, is to fight alienation with alienation."

Sun copy 2.JPG

Jessie Cox — Composition, Drums, Steel                            Pan, Electronics, Mixing

Roman Filiu — Alto Sax

Kyle Motl — Double Bass

String Noise — Violins

JACK Quartet — String Quartet

Vasko Dukovski — Bb Clarinet

Kevin Ramsay — Recording 

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