Art Note Ensemble

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Art Note Ensemble is a music ensemble led by Jessie Cox that creates cross-stylistic and cross-cultural music by way of exploring beyond the fringes of conventional compositional and improvisational techniques, instrumental techniques, timbre, performance practice and electronics. 

The music, best described as Cosmic Music and Jazz Concrete Instrumental, lies between the genres of avant-garde, contemporary jazz, contemporary concert music, electronic music, plus many more, - thrives on honesty and soulfulness - and draws inspiration from composers/performers such as Sun Ra, Vijay Iyer, Helmut Lachenmann, JDilla, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Lehmann, Flume, among others.



Jessie Cox - Drums, Founder


Lucy Clifford - Bass

Maher Beauroy - Piano

Peyton Pleninger - Tenor Sax.

Jake Hirsch - Tenor Sax.

Nathan See - Alto Sax.

Anggie Obin - Flute

© 2016 by Jessie Cox