Cyborgs, Spirits, Instruments and Weaving: a Song of a World

"This piece is about the question of how we relate? Relate to self, other, and environment, and so it is also a question of tools or instruments, since we relate via instruments."

“The question of how we, as individuals, relate (and here I am consciously also evoking Glissant) to each other but also to our environment is today more important, even urgent, than ever. This relationality is reflected in our technologies, which are our filters, or mediums, through which we relate to each other and to the world (physical and noetic) around us. Climate change, loneliness, nihilism, etc. and our use of technologies, or how we think of technology and how it concomitantly then is produced (not created) are related. I hope that with this project we can bring awareness to this relationality and hopefully suggest some other ways, or alterdestinies to use Sun Ra’s word."

"This cyborg technology is my artistic means by which I can deal with the environment in which I live. We are all partially cyborgs - not only are we surrounded by digital technology, but we are also dependent on it. Moreover, this ubiquity has also consequences in our relation to the "non-digital" environment, and also to ourselves and to each other. In this sense, this piece is not only a "study" in organology and/or electronic music, but also, most importantly, an exploration of humanity's current situation. I hope that this piece will inspire a new way of dealing with the digital world and the "traditional" musical instruments; because, ultimately, it is about how humanity deals with its environment, and with itself. "


© 2016 by Jessie Cox